Front Porch Healing - A Lightworkers Energy Healing
Front Porch Healing
Front Porch Healing began with the realization that coaching people is something I have done my entire life, I love it and I am good at it.  It is the most organic thing to do.
Having a joy filled life is possible and there are many ways go about it.
On the Front Porch we work in Divine ways on all aspects of our lives keeping in mind that there is a reason for being here.  This means calling on our Guides and Angels for help.
Health - Financial - Relationships - Physical - Spiritual
We can look at each of these areas for what they mean to you.  How are they interconnected in your Life?  What does your Soul have to do with them?
The plan has always been for us to experience the Soul's purpose for our Life.
Your Soul chose this life at this time for a very specific reason.  
Discovering it is a source of Joy!
Nancy Senior
508 479 8547
2nd floor, parking and entrance in rear on Dewey Street
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